Adherence to Community Standards Policy

The Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research (JHRR) is steadfast in its commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and academic excellence. Our dedication to these principles is foundational to maintaining a respected, transparent, and inclusive platform for our authors, reviewers, readers, and the broader scientific community. Herein, we delineate our commitment to community standards, which underpin all facets of our operations and publications.

Integrity and Authenticity

JHRR mandates that all research submissions are authentic and represent original work. We have zero tolerance for academic misconduct, including plagiarism, data fabrication, and any other form of dishonesty that undermines the scientific process.

Ethical Compliance

Research involving humans or animals must adhere to the highest ethical standards, including obtaining appropriate approvals and informed consent. Manuscripts must explicitly detail these approvals, reaffirming our commitment to ethical research practices.

Objective Peer Review

We ensure an equitable, rigorous, and constructive peer review process, evaluating submissions purely on their academic merit. Our commitment to fairness safeguards the integrity and quality of the research we publish.

Transparency and Open Science

JHRR advocates for openness in research. We encourage authors to share their data, methodologies, and research materials to enhance reproducibility and facilitate scholarly discourse.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

Transparency regarding potential conflicts of interest is required from both authors and reviewers. Such disclosures ensure that personal or financial interests do not influence the editorial and peer-review processes.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our journal is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, recognizing that a multiplicity of perspectives enriches scientific inquiry and advances. We stand against discrimination of any kind and strive to give voice to underrepresented groups in our publications.

Continuous Improvement and Community Engagement

JHRR is dedicated to continuous monitoring and enhancement of our adherence to these community standards. Feedback from the scientific community is invaluable in this ongoing process, ensuring our policies and practices meet the evolving needs of academic publishing.

JHRR's adherence to these community standards is pivotal in ensuring the trustworthiness, relevance, and impact of the research we publish. Our unwavering commitment to these values supports the integrity of the academic record and contributes positively to the global scientific dialogue.