Ethics and Malpractice Policy

The Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research (JHRR) is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and academic integrity. This Ethics and Malpractice Policy outlines the expectations and responsibilities of all individuals involved in the manuscript submission and publication process, including authors, reviewers, and editors.

  1. Duties of Authors:
  • Authors must ensure that all submitted work is original, properly cited, and explicitly acknowledges the contributions of others. Plagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Data fabrication and falsification are unacceptable. Authors are expected to present their results clearly, honestly, and without manipulation.
  • Authors must not submit a manuscript to more than one journal concurrently. Such behavior is considered unethical and unacceptable.
  • Any potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed to the editors at the time of submission.
  1. Duties of Editors:
  • Editors are responsible for making publication decisions based solely on the manuscript's academic merit and without discrimination of any kind.
  • Editors should handle submissions confidentially and are prohibited from using unpublished information for their own research without explicit written consent from the author.
  • Editors should take responsive measures when ethical complaints have been presented regarding a submitted or published manuscript.
  1. Duties of Reviewers:
  • Reviewers should provide objective, constructive, and unbiased feedback to assist in improving the quality of the manuscript.
  • Reviewers should treat manuscripts confidentially and should not use the content for personal advantage.
  • If reviewers find any conflict of interest, potential plagiarized material, or data inconsistency, they should report to the editor immediately.
  • Reviewers should complete their reviews within the specified timeline.
  1. Allegations of Misconduct:
  • In the event of allegations of misconduct, JHRR will take the issue seriously. All allegations will be investigated thoroughly and promptly, respecting the confidentiality and integrity of all involved parties. If the allegations are found to be valid, appropriate corrective actions will be taken, which may include the retraction of the published paper, notification to the author's institution, and prohibition of the author from future submissions to JHRR.
  • This policy is intended to maintain the integrity of the scientific record, promote honest and transparent collaboration among researchers, and uphold public trust in the scientific process. We expect all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the journal editor, the peer reviewer, and the publisher, to agree upon these standards of ethical behavior.