Assessment of Oral Hygiene and Dental Decay among School Children of Rural Area of Pakistan

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Anees Fatema
Aalia Waris
Farjard Ali
Irij Fatima
Noor Zada
Maryam Firdous
Saif Ullah


Background: Oral health is a fundamental component of overall health and well-being, with dental caries recognized as a prevalent issue affecting a large number of populations globally. The study aimed to assess Oral Hygiene and Dental Decay among School Children.

Methods: This community based cross-sectional study was conducted among children of government schools in rural area of Punjab tehsil and, District Attock using non-probability consecutive sampling technique. The duration of the study was 6 months. A Self designed questionnaire were developed based on the literature were used. Data were analyzed with Datatab.

Result: A total of 134 school children including 89 females (66.42%) and 45 males (33.58%). The mean age of the all children was 10.75+1.04 years; with age of female respondents to be 10.65 ± 1.06 years, and male to be 10.93 ± 0.99 years. Majority of the children belonged to the middle class families (n=115, 85.82%), whereas, 19 were from low income families (14.18%). results showed 45.52% (n=61) of school children to have varying level of dental decay. Out of these 61 individuals, 34.33% had initial, 8.21% had moderate, and 2.99% had some advanced stage of dental decay. A significantly strong association was found between the oral hygiene and dental decay (p<0.001), concluding that those children having good oral hygiene showed good dental health. There was no significant association between dental decay and gender (p=0.763), showing that the oral health is irrespective of the gender.

Conclusion: Poor oral hygiene is significantly associated with some form Dental caries and is independent of gender.

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Fatema , A., Waris , A., Ali Shah, S. F., Fatima , I., Zada, N., Firdous, M., & Ullah, S. (2024). Assessment of Oral Hygiene and Dental Decay among School Children of Rural Area of Pakistan. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 1718–1723.
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Anees Fatema , Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.

Aalia Waris , DHQ Hospital Pakistan.

DHQ Hospital Pakistan.

Farjard Ali , University College of Nursing Pakistan.

University College of Nursing Pakistan.

Irij Fatima , Allama Iqbal Medical College Pakistan.

College of Nursing, Allama Iqbal Medical College Pakistan.

Noor Zada, DHQ Hospital Pakistan.

DHQ Hospital Pakistan.

Maryam Firdous, Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.

Saif Ullah, Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology Pakistan.


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