The Effectiveness of SLR Stretching and Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching on SLR Range Among Asymptomatic Females with Hamstring Tightness

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Malia Younas
Ruhama Shahzad
Bakhtawar Zulfiqar
Ayesha Iqbal
Sana Amjad
Hassan Javed


Background: Hamstring muscle tightness is a significant factor that impedes performance in daily and sports activities, necessitating the need for effective stretching techniques to enhance hamstring flexibility. This is particularly important for an active, physically fit lifestyle, as hamstring tightness is linked to various musculoskeletal issues and injuries.

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of Passive Straight Leg Raise (SLR) stretching and Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching in improving hamstring flexibility among asymptomatic young females with hamstring tightness.

Methods: In a quasi-experimental trial conducted at the Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital and Riphah International University, Lahore, 50 female participants aged 20-40 years with unilateral hamstring tightness were randomly assigned to either the Passive SLR stretching group or the Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching group. The efficacy of the stretching techniques was assessed using the active knee extension test, measured with a goniometer, both pre- and post-treatment.

Results: The Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching group showed a significant improvement in hamstring flexibility, with the mean post-treatment active knee extension significantly increasing from the pre-treatment measurement (p-value = 0.000). In contrast, the Passive SLR group showed no significant change in flexibility (p-value = 0.872). The study also highlighted the prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle among participants and its potential contribution to reduced hamstring flexibility.

Conclusion: The study concludes that Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching is an effective method for improving hamstring flexibility in young, asymptomatic females, suggesting its incorporation into physical therapy practices. This finding is particularly relevant for populations prone to hamstring tightness due to sedentary lifestyles.

Keywords: Hamstring Flexibility, Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching, Passive Straight Leg Raise, Young Females, Muscle Tightness, Physical Therapy, Sedentary Lifestyle.

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Younas, M., Shahzad, R., Zulfiqar, B., Iqbal , A., Amjad, S., & Javed, H. (2024). The Effectiveness of SLR Stretching and Pelvic Tilt Control Stretching on SLR Range Among Asymptomatic Females with Hamstring Tightness. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(1), 256–260.
Author Biographies

Malia Younas, Riphah International University Lahore Pakistan.


Ruhama Shahzad, University of Health Sciences Lahore Pakistan.


Bakhtawar Zulfiqar, University of Health Sciences Lahore Pakistan.


Ayesha Iqbal , University of Management and Technology Health Sciences Sialkot Pakistan.

DPT, Lecturer.

Hassan Javed, PSRD Hospital Lahore Pakistan.

Senior Physiotherapist.


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