Evaluation of Antibiotic Prescription by Dentists for Oral Diseases

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Rehmatullah Kandhro
Javaid Unar
Qamerunnisa Memon
Zafar Iqbal
Nourain Atif
Safiullah Daheri


Background: The use of antibiotics in dentistry is a crucial aspect of managing oro-facial infections, often originating from odontogenic sources. However, the increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance highlights the need for a careful examination of prescription practices among dental professionals.

Objective: This study aims to analyze the patterns of antibiotic prescriptions among dental practitioners, with a focus on adherence to current guidelines and awareness of antibiotic resistance.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted at the Institute of Dentistry, Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, and Dental Out Patient Department in Hyderabad. The study employed a non-probability convenience sampling method, encompassing consultants, postgraduates, and general dental practitioners, while excluding undergraduate dentists and those involved in malpractice. A preformed and validated questionnaire was used to collect data. The sample size was calculated based on the prevalence of antibiotic prescription among dentists, leading to a required sample size of 379. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS version 25, focusing on frequencies for categorical variables and employing the Chi-square test for associations, with a p-value of ≤ 0.05 deemed significant.

Results: The majority of dentists (60.42%) reported always obtaining a patient's medicinal history before prescribing antibiotics, with 62% adhering to the 2-3 day prescription guideline. However, 17% prescribed antibiotics for more than three days. Approximately 70.44% of dentists were aware of antibiotic resistance. In terms of antibiotic choice, Amoxicillin was most frequently prescribed (26.91%), followed by Penicillin (21.62%) and Amoxicillin with Clavulanic Acid (21.37%).

Conclusion: The study reveals a significant adherence to recommended antibiotic prescription practices among dental practitioners, with a notable level of awareness regarding antibiotic resistance. However, the persistence of overprescription and extended courses by some practitioners underscores the need for enhanced education and stricter adherence to guidelines. The findings emphasize the importance of balanced antibiotic use in dentistry to combat antimicrobial resistance.

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Kandhro, R., Unar, J., Memon, Q., Iqbal, Z., Atif , N., & Daheri, S. (2024). Evaluation of Antibiotic Prescription by Dentists for Oral Diseases. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(1), 291–296. https://doi.org/10.61919/jhrr.v4i1.239
Author Biographies

Rehmatullah Kandhro, Liaquat Uuniversity of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro Pakistan.

Community Dentistry Department.

Javaid Unar, Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi Pakistan.

Assistant Professor Dr Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan Institute Of Oral Health Sciences.

Qamerunnisa Memon, Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpurkhas Pakistan.

Associate Professor, Head of department Orthodontics Department.

Zafar Iqbal, Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpurkhas Pakistan.

Associate Professor, Head of department Orthodontics Department.

Nourain Atif , Muhammad Medical & Dental College Mirpurkhas Pakistan.

Senior Lecturer, Operative Dentistry Department.

Safiullah Daheri, Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpurkhas Pakistan.

Lecturer, Community Dentistry Department.


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