Effect of Radial Nerve Mobilization on Pain and Functional Activities Among Adult Computer Users with Lateral Epicondylitis

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Asma Ayyaz
Mahmood Alam Durrani
Ayesha Rasheed
Yumna Rasheed
Mubsirah Qamar


Background: Lateral epicondylitis is a prevalent condition among computer professionals, characterized by lateral elbow pain due to nerve entrapment.

Objective: The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of radial nerve mobilization on mitigating pain and enhancing the functional capabilities of adult computer users with lateral epicondylitis.

Methods: In a quasi-experimental study at Akhtar Saeed Trust Hospital, 44 adult patients diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis were recruited. The subjects were allocated into two groups: Group 1 received radial nerve mobilization alongside conventional therapy, while Group 2 was provided with conventional therapy alone. The Numeric Pain Rating Scale and the Patient-Specific Functional Scale were employed to gauge treatment outcomes.

Results: The participants, within the age range of 19 to 44 years, showed a statistically significant improvement in pain levels (P < 0.0001) after one week of radial nerve mobilization treatment compared to those who received only conventional therapy.

Conclusion: Radial nerve mobilization, when combined with conventional therapy, proved significantly effective in reducing pain and improving functional activities in individuals with lateral epicondylitis. The intervention group experienced considerable pain relief and enhanced function relative to the control group.

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Asma Ayyaz, Durrani, M. A., Ayesha Rasheed, Yumna Rasheed, Amna, & Mubsirah Qamar. (2023). Effect of Radial Nerve Mobilization on Pain and Functional Activities Among Adult Computer Users with Lateral Epicondylitis. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 3(2), 60–67. Retrieved from https://jhrlmc.com/index.php/home/article/view/64


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