Radiotherapy Related Bowel and Bladder Toxicity after Prostate Cancer Irradiation

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Saif Ur Rehman
Shafaq Maqsood
Aneela Deevan


Background: Pelvic radiotherapy is a primary treatment modality for organ-confined prostate cancer and early-stage endometrial cancer. While effective in improving survival rates and reducing recurrence, it is associated with a range of side effects that can impact patient quality of life.

Objective: The study aimed to assess the incidence, management, and resolution of acute and chronic side effects of pelvic radiotherapy in prostate and endometrial cancer patients, focusing on bowel and bladder functions.

Methods: This single-center, observational study included 50 patients diagnosed with prostate or endometrial cancer who underwent pelvic radiotherapy with a dose of 66-70 Gy using a four-field technique on a linear accelerator. Patients were assessed for bladder and bowel dysfunction, with follow-up at 6, 12, and 18 months post-treatment. Statistical analysis involved univariate weighted distribution of response frequencies and paired t-tests for ordinal scale scores, using SPSS version 25 for data analysis.

Results: Of the participants, 22% experienced dysuria, 64% reported bladder outlet obstruction, and 20% had constipation. Acute bowel symptoms like diarrhea occurred in 32%, and chronic proctitis developed in 22% of patients. Urinary symptoms appeared by the third week and generally resolved within weeks; however, bowel symptoms persisted longer but returned to baseline by 18 months post-treatment. Approximately 70% of patients reported good tolerance to radiotherapy.

Conclusion: Pelvic radiotherapy is effective in treating prostate and endometrial cancers but requires management of transient side effects to improve patient outcomes. Advanced radiotherapy techniques such as IMRT and 3D CRT have shown potential in reducing these side effects, emphasizing the need for continuous technological advancements and patient-centered care in radiotherapy.

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Saif Ur Rehman, Shafaq Maqsood, & Aneela Deevan. (2024). Radiotherapy Related Bowel and Bladder Toxicity after Prostate Cancer Irradiation. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 461–465.
Author Biographies

Saif Ur Rehman, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Pakistan

Assistant Professor of Radiotherapy, Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan

Shafaq Maqsood, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Pakistan

Senior Registrar, Oncology Department, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Pakistan

Aneela Deevan, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Pakistan

Medical Officer, Oncology Department, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Pakistan


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