The Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research (JHRR), published by the Link Medical Institute in Lahore, Pakistan, is a Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal. JHRR's scope extends beyond Rehabilitation, encompassing a wide array of Health-Related fields. It integrates research in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation with Medical Studies in areas like Medicine, Dentistry, Rheumatology, and Orthopedics. The journal also delves into Nursing and Paramedics, highlighting their crucial role in patient care.

JHRR recognizes the importance of specialized fields such as Speech and Language Pathology, Diet Nutrition Sciences, and Food Sciences, which are pivotal in holistic healthcare. It emphasizes the role of advanced technologies in Medical Imaging and Laboratory Technology, underscoring their impact on diagnostics and research.

Occupational Therapy, another key area, is explored in conjunction with Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Biotechnology, reflecting the journal's commitment to encompassing diverse health aspects. Environmental Sciences, a crucial area given the increasing impact of environmental factors on health, is also included.

The journal addresses the need for specialized knowledge in fields like Optometry, Anesthesia Technology, and Operation Theatre Technology, essential for comprehensive healthcare delivery. Public Health, Sports and Exercise Sciences, and Physical Education are included, stressing the importance of preventive care and wellness.

Moreover, JHRR covers Dental Technology and Hygiene, Respiratory Therapy, Audiology, and the emerging fields of Aesthetic and Cosmetology, reflecting the evolving nature of Health Sciences. This inclusive approach makes JHRR a valuable resource for Researchers, Clinicians, Students, and Professionals across these varied yet interconnected fields, promoting a comprehensive understanding of Health and Rehabilitation.

Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023): 2023

Published: 2023-11-30

Clinical findings of Tarlov cyst according to its location and level in lumbosacral spine on magnetic resonance imaging

Furozan Baig, Qurat Ul Ain , Arooj Fatimah , Amtullah Ansari , Ushna Qadeer, Aqsa Mansoor


The Association of Cutaneous Allodynia and Impaired Balance with Tension Headache in Young Females with Modern Aesthetic Headscarves Usage

Farheen Nadeem, Ghazal Hussain, Nosheen Manzoor, Fizza Masood, Zainab Hassan, Dina Beenish, Nisha Fazal


Effect of Sialorrhea on Quality of Life in Cerebral Palsy Children

Maryam Ashraf, Anum Ashraf, Rooma Imtiaz, Rabia Azmat


Level of Stress Among Speech and Language Pathologists Working in Clinical Setups

Mahrukh, Shumaila Malik , Hafsa Khan, Rizwana Khalil , Aasma Akram


Barriers in Practicing Musculoskeletal Outcome Measurement Tools among Physiotherapists: A Cross Sectional Survey

Abeer Anwar, Anoshia Rizvi, Ayesha Bashir, Muhammad Ejaz , Hanan Azfar, Syed Hashir Ali


Comparison of Low vs. High Dose Pulsed Methylprednisolone on Proteinuria in Lupus Nephritis

Shujaat Hassan, Aflak Rasheed, Muhammad Shiraz Niaz, Hussain Shakeel, Qaisar Farooq , Haroon Zahoor


Association of TMJ dysfunction with mechanical neck pain among office workers in Lahore

Rabia Basri, Sheher Bano Rizwi, Rahat Afzal , Anam Abbas, Warda Answer, Faryall Kemall


Effect of Radial Nerve Mobilization on Pain and Functional Activities Among Adult Computer Users with Lateral Epicondylitis

Asma Ayyaz, Mahmood Alam Durrani, Ayesha Rasheed, Yumna Rasheed, Amna, Mubsirah Qamar


Translation and Validation of Tampa Scale for Kinesiophobia in Urdu Language for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

Aniqa Tarar, Somia Faisal, Muhammad Usman Zia, Khadija Sharif, Fatima Saqib, Zainab Hassan, Syed Ali Hussain


Correlation of Haematological Parameters and DAS-28 Score among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Muhammad Shiraz Niaz, Aflak Rasheed, Shujaat Hassan , Hussain Shakeel, Qaisar Farooq, Safia Niaz


Kinesiophobia and Artificial Joint Awareness After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Ayesha Siddiqa, Mehwish Khalid, Aniqa Tarar, Khushbu Sohail, Hunaida Iftikhar, Zainab Hassan, Syed Ali Hussain


Perception of Physiotherapy as a Profession by Orthopedic Surgeons.

Aiman Junaid, Haroon Mansha, Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad Usman Khalid, Misbah Javed, Ayesha Maqbool


Perception of Online Learning on Academic Performance of UMT Students, Lahore

Tamknat Ilyas , Muqadas Chaudary, Maida Mushtaq, Fizza Masood, Muhammad Jabbar


Correlation of Total Cholesterol, LDL-C & HDL-C With Coronary Heart Disease Among Different Ethnic Groups in Northern Pakistan

Nabeel Saeed, Aamer Raza, Atif Ishaq Kiani, Sarwat Moon, Wali Khan, Sumaiya Arshad, Raja Waseem, Mazhar Ali Khan, Syed Sohail Ahmad


Self-Compassion and Professional Quality of Life among Emergency Respondents

Zainab Siddique, Saqib Raza , Sajid Hussain Shah, Muhammad Hasnain Haider, Noureen Fatima


Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Dentists, Physiotherapists and Nurses in Punjab Pakistan

Riaz Hashmi, Rabia Majeed, Naveed Arshad, Binash Afzal, Sajid Rashid, Hafiz Muhammad Manan Haider Khan


Frequency of Urinary Incontinence Among Post COVID Males

Mahnoor Farooq, Somia Faisal, Hafiz Hamid Rashid, Khadija Sharif, Hira Habib, Mehwish Khalid, Zainab Hassan


Efficacy of High-Intensity Interval Training versus Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training in Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation

Mahrukh, Bushra Riaz , Zarqa Sharif, Usama Mahmood, Hanan Azfar, Muhammad Junaid Ilyas


Hand Grip Strength of Dominant Hand During 4 Phases of Menstrual Cycle

Eram Aslam , Qurat-ul-Ain Tassawer, Farwa Batool , Kiran Aslam , Rabiya Noor, Sana Arif


Normative Data of Hand Grip Strength of Females in Lahore

Sana Arif , Hina Javaid , Samina Maqbool, Eram Aslam , Misbah Waris , Durfishan Ahmad


Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Injuries and its Impact on Quality of Life of Professional Futsal Players in Peshawar Pakistan

Syeda Najma Khatoon , Zohra Abbas , Fahmeena Zahid , Shehanil Afridi , Muhammad Shahzeb Khan , Muhammad Junaid , Muheebur Rehman , Huma Zia


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