Stature Estimation from the Measures of Upper Limb Segments in Hisar Population Migrated from India

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Sahar Ijaz
Syed Asadullah Arlan
Ibrahim Mohammed
Tahmineh Mokhtari
Gholamreza Hassanzadeh


Background: The relationship between stature and various body segments has long been utilized in forensic anthropology to estimate height from partial remains in medico-legal cases. Given the diversity of human populations, region-specific data are crucial for enhancing the accuracy of such estimations.

Objective: To develop regression equations for estimating stature from the measurements of upper limb segments in the male population of Hisar, Pakistan, and to assess the predictive accuracy of these models.

Methods: This study involved 100 male participants aged 18-30 years from the Hisar population in Multan, Pakistan. Measurements taken included standing height, wing span, bi-acromial length, brachial length, antebrachial length, hand length, hand width, and total upper limb length. Statistical analysis was conducted using SPSS version 25, where Pearson’s correlation and linear regression analyses were performed to derive equations for stature estimation.

Results: The study found significant correlations between stature and various upper limb measurements. Notably, wing span showed the highest correlation with stature (r=0.800, p<0.001), followed by brachial length (Right r=0.779, Left r=0.782, both p<0.001) and total upper limb length (Right r=0.715, Left r=0.710, both p<0.001). Linear regression analysis provided predictive models with coefficients of determination ranging from R²=0.106 for hand length to R²=0.639 for wing span.

Conclusion: Upper limb measurements, particularly wing span, brachial length, and total upper limb length, are reliable predictors of stature in the male population of Hisar. These findings support the use of these specific anthropometric measurements in forensic and anthropological applications for this demographic group.

Keywords: Forensic Anthropology, Stature Estimation, Linear Regression, Upper Limb Measurements, Hisar Population, Pakistan.

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Sahar Ijaz, Syed Asadullah Arlan, Ibrahim Mohammed, Tahmineh Mokhtari, & Gholamreza Hassanzadeh. (2024). Stature Estimation from the Measures of Upper Limb Segments in Hisar Population Migrated from India. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 1277–1281.


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