Dj Stenting: Retrospective Analysis of Indications and its Attached Complexity

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Iqbal Shahzad
Muhammad Ali Yousuf
Khadim Hussain Awan
Ghulam Mustafa Pathan
Mumtaz Manzoor
Santosh Kumar


Background: Ureteric stents are commonly used to manage nephro-ureterolithiasis and other ureteric obstructions, but their use is often associated with various complications. Understanding the indications for stenting and the frequency and nature of these complications is critical for improving patient outcomes.

Objective: To analyze the indications for and complications associated with double-pigtail ureteric stenting in a retrospective cohort.

Methods: This retrospective study involved 110 renal units in 90 patients who received double-pigtail ureteric stents from October 2022 to March 2024 to relieve ureteric obstruction. Stents were inserted both retrogradely via cystoscopy and antegradely through nephrostomy. The types of stents used were either polyurethane, intended for up to 3 months, or silicone, for longer durations. Follow-up included regular imaging to monitor stent position and complications, with data analysis performed using SPSS version 25.

Results: The primary indications for stenting included nephro-ureterolithiasis (88 patients), post-abdominopelvic surgery (11), prostate cancer (5), retroperitoneal fibrosis (4), and after irradiation (2). Complications were noted in 31% of patients, with bacteriuria and fever most common. Hydronephrosis was reported in 27 of these cases, with symptoms unchanged in 21, worsened in 3, and de novo in 3. Other complications included stent migration (8%), fragmentation (10%), and forgotten stents (4.5%). Stent removal was necessary in many cases due to severe complications.

Conclusion: Ureteric stents are effective for managing ureteric obstruction but are associated with significant risks, including infection, migration, and hydronephrosis. Careful patient monitoring and timely management of complications are essential to optimize outcomes.

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Shahzad, I., Yousuf, M. A., Awan, K. H., Pathan, G. M., Manzoor, M., & Kumar, S. (2024). Dj Stenting: Retrospective Analysis of Indications and its Attached Complexity. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 212–216.
Author Biographies

Iqbal Shahzad, Liaquat National Hospital Karachi Pakistan.

Assistant Professor and Consultant Urologist, Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali Yousuf, Usman Memorial Hospital Hussainabad Pakistan.

Usman Memorial Hospital, Hussainabad, Pakistan.

Khadim Hussain Awan, Bantva Memon Hospital Karachi Pakistan.

Consultant Urologist, Bantva Memon Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

Ghulam Mustafa Pathan, Liaquat National Hospital Karachi Pakistan.

Assistant Professor and Consultant Urologist, Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan.

Mumtaz Manzoor, Chiniot General Hospital Korangi Karachi Pakistan.

MBBS FCPS, Consultant General Surgeon, Chiniot General Hospital Korangi, Karachi, Pakistan.

Santosh Kumar, Ahalia Hospital Musaffah Abu Dhabi UAE.

Urology Specialist, Ahalia Hospital, Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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