Shifting the Paradigms: Empowering Slum Dwellers through Hygiene Training and Educational Awareness

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Kishwar Altaf
Kiran Zahra


Within the expansive urban landscapes of the world, characterized by tall buildings dominating the skyline and bustling streets swarming with activity, there exists an alternate reality—the reality of slum dwellers. These densely populated areas, often concealed from public view, accommodate millions of individuals contending with poverty, substandard housing, and limited access to essential amenities. Among the adversities inherent in slum dwellers' existence, there lies a hope of optimism—It's about how education and knowledge about hygiene can bring positive change. It is imperative to alter the prevailing paradigm and empower residents of slum areas through targeted educational campaigns on hygiene and initiatives aimed at enhancing access to education.

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Altaf, K., & Zahra, K. (2024). Shifting the Paradigms: Empowering Slum Dwellers through Hygiene Training and Educational Awareness. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 3–4.
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Kishwar Altaf, National University of Medical Sciences Islamabad Pakistan.

Postgraduate Student, National University of Medical Sciences, Islamabad Pakistan.

Kiran Zahra, Riphah International University Islamabad Pakistan.

Riphah International University Islamabad Pakistan.


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