Combined Effects of Brunnstorm Movement Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy on Upper Limb Function and Hand Dexterity in Chronic Stroke Patient

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Sehar Shaheen
Binash Afzal
Muhammad Tahir
Usama Mahmood
Faraya Yousaf
Fariha Tariq


Background: Stroke remains a leading cause of disability worldwide, necessitating innovative rehabilitation strategies to enhance recovery and improve quality of life. The integration of Brunnstrom movement therapy and low-level laser therapy (LLLT) presents a novel approach to addressing the complexities of stroke rehabilitation, focusing on improving upper limb function and hand dexterity.

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the combined effects of Brunnstrom movement therapy and LLLT on upper limb function and hand dexterity in chronic stroke patients, providing insights into potentially enhancing rehabilitation outcomes.

Methods: A randomized controlled trial was conducted involving 48 chronic stroke patients, divided equally into two groups to receive either Brunnstrom movement therapy or LLLT. The study spanned six months, with assessments including the Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS), Nine-Hole Peg Test, Box and Block Test, Fugl-Meyer Assessment, and Handheld Dynamometer. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 25, employing descriptive statistics, chi-square tests, and Mann-Whitney U tests to compare outcomes between groups.

Results: Significant improvements were noted in both groups, with the LLLT group showing superior performance in the Nine-Hole Peg Test (p<0.001), Box and Block Test (p<0.001), and Fugl-Meyer Assessment (p<0.001) compared to baseline. The MAS scores indicated a significant reduction in muscle spasticity over time in both groups, with the LLLT group exhibiting a more substantial decrease (p=0.003 at week 6).

Conclusion: The study demonstrated that combining Brunnstrom movement therapy with LLLT could significantly enhance upper limb function and hand dexterity in chronic stroke patients. These findings advocate for the integration of innovative and non-invasive therapies into rehabilitation programs, potentially setting a new benchmark in stroke recovery practices.

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Shaheen , S., Afzal , B., Tahir, M., Mahmood, U., Yousaf, F., & Tariq, F. (2024). Combined Effects of Brunnstorm Movement Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy on Upper Limb Function and Hand Dexterity in Chronic Stroke Patient. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(1), 1457–1462.
Author Biographies

Sehar Shaheen , Riphah International University Pakistan.

DPT, MSNMPT, Riphah international University, Pakistan.

Binash Afzal , Riphah International University Pakistan.

BSPT, MSNMPT, Riphah international University, Pakistan.

Muhammad Tahir, Link Medical Center Lahore Pakistan.

Physical Therapist, Link Medical Institute Lahore, Pakistan.

Usama Mahmood, University of Montgomery Sahiwal Pakistan.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lecturer University of Montgomery Sahiwal, Pakistan.

Faraya Yousaf, University of Lahore Teaching Hospital Pakistan.

Physical therapist, Doctor of physiotherapy, Master of Science, in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, University of Lahore Teaching Hospital, Pakistan.

Fariha Tariq, University of Lahore- Lahore Pakistan.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Lahore, Pakistan.


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