Assessment the Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit the Job among Staff Nurses

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Noor-Ul-Mateen Amjad
Humaira Saddique
Rubina Jabeen


Background: The nursing profession is essential to the healthcare system, primarily focused on patient care and health restoration. Recent studies have highlighted a global shortage of nurses and the consequential impact on healthcare delivery. Job satisfaction and retention are crucial in addressing these shortages, yet little is known about the current state of these factors among nurses in teaching hospitals.

Objective: This study aimed to assess job satisfaction and the intention to quit among nurses in a teaching hospital to identify key factors that could help improve retention rates and job satisfaction.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional survey was conducted over a six-month period at a teaching hospital. The study involved 138 nurses, including registered nurses, diploma nurses, and graduate nurses. Data were collected using a validated questionnaire, focusing on demographic variables, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. The sample size was calculated using Sullivan's formula, and the analysis was performed using SPSS version 25. Descriptive statistics were employed, and the normality of data distribution was verified.

Results: The study found varying degrees of job satisfaction among nurses. Only 30.4% of participants were satisfied with their compensation, and 52.1% doubted their career choice. About 50% were actively looking for better job opportunities. A significant 60.1% reported that working hours negatively impacted their social life, and 70.3% experienced a lack of support from management. Additionally, only 51.0% of nurses found communication from management to be clear.

Conclusion: The low level of job satisfaction and high intention to quit among nurses at the teaching hospital indicate urgent needs for improvement in compensation, management support, and work-life balance. Strategies to enhance communication and support from management could potentially increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover intentions.

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Amjad, N.-U.-M., Saddique, H., & Jabeen, R. (2024). Assessment the Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit the Job among Staff Nurses. Journal of Health and Rehabilitation Research, 4(2), 154–158.
Author Biographies

Noor-Ul-Mateen Amjad, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.

BSN (Generic) Student, Department of Nursing, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.

Humaira Saddique, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.

Course Coordinator, Department of Nursing, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.

Rubina Jabeen, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.

Principal, Department of Nursing, The Superior University Lahore Pakistan.


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